About Us

Heightsafe is a New Zealand owned and operated business that consists of a team of qualified and practicing engineers.  The team collectively developed and designed the 'Ladder Bracket' to help improve the safety of ladder use.  

The entire team regularly use ladders in their everyday jobs and are fully aware of and have experienced the hazards surrounding ladder use.

Our bracket has been supplied to numerous building companies who require safe access to heights and who are passionate about providing a safer working environment for their employees.  Our bracket has also been used on sites in conjunction with other fall protection systems to ensure that ladder climbers receive end to end protection against potential falls when working at height. 

The ladder bracket has been designed to achieve three key objectives:

  • Improve the safety of ladder use
  • Assist the user to comply with ladder climbing safety regulations
  • Reduce the number of ladder related accidents

The ladder bracket is NZS/AS 1657.1992 certified. Patency protected