The ladder bracket is designed to be permanently fixed to a building allowing the user to have safe access to height when work is to be undertaken on the buildings roof. 

The bracket is installed in a designated area ensuring that all who use know the correct location for  the access point.

The bracket reduces building damage as the ladder doesn't move and scratch paint work or damage guttering. 

As the access point is on the outside of the building and is secure there is always a safe access point for the person working on the roof if an emergency should happen within the building.

The external access point for the building eliminates any issues with internal access points such as building security and weather tightness.

Once installed the bracket is designed to accommodate any extension ladder. The ladder is locked in place before  ascending the ladder ensuring that there is no possibility of the ladder slipping sideways thus reducing the need for the ladder to be footed prior to climbing. It allows for one person to safely access height.

The restraining cable is then looped around the ladder rungs and clipped back into its carrier  giving the ladder a secure tie off point.

The handles eliminate the need to extend the ladder past 1 metre so the end user can then step through the handles onto the roof safely eliminating any need to step sideways around the ladder resulting in 3 points of contact at all times.





AS/NZS 1657:1992 Certified. Patency Protected